United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week 5th Annual Interfaith Dialogue Loving one’s Neighbour


On the occasion of World Interfaith Harmony Week, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Permanent Mission of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan organized the 5th Annual Geneva Interfaith Dialogue entitled “Loving one’s neighbor”. This event was co-sponsored by the Permanent Missions of Azerbaïdjan, the Bahamas, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, the Singapore, the Holy See, the Sovereign Order of Malta, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the United Nations Christian Association (UNCA), the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (GPP), the Geneva Center for the Advancement of Human Rights and Global Dialogue (GCAHRGD) and World Vision. Representatives of different religions and faiths shared their thoughts on faith- driven values and the responsibility of governments and the international community at large to harness the vast mobilizing potential of faith. Participants highlighted the main theme of “Loving one’s neighbor” and focused on the commonalities of their religions, rather than their differences, to advocate peace amongst religious groups throughout the world. The dialogue offered the opportunity to see the links between faith, politics and society.

Statement by H.E. Ambassador Marie-Thérèse Pictet-Althann, Permanent Observer

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